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CSULA Special Collections & Archives Presents A Cabinet of Curious Things


The Exhibition is inspired by Cabinets of Curiosities, also known as 'Wonder Rooms', where small collections of extraordinary objects which, like today's oddities of the natural world. These collections included objects that belonged to natural history (sometimes fakes), geology, ethnography, archeology, religious or historical relics, works of art, and antiquities. In essence, these disciplines; making the intersection of science and superstition; and drawing on natural, man-made, and artificial worlds - can be seen as the precursors to museums. Our very own University Library's Cabinet of Curiosities, currently housed in Special Collections & Archives will be the main features of the exhibition. Presented in the 17th century cabinet display, these objects speak volumes to the contemporary collection techniques of the campus and its history in Los Angeles. Ranging from economic and social issues, to personal history and notable conservation preservation of these fascinating items. Keeping up with contemporary standards, these "Curiosities" will be protected for future generations to utilize and relish.

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